Our Story


R3VITALIZE started with 3 young fellas from Darwin: Addy, Sam & Tim. All fedup with using Bepanthen on our new tattoos.

We wanted an aftercare solution created SPECIFICALLY for tattoo aftercare.

After over a year of independent research, we finally landed on the formula for R3VITALIZE’s leading tattoo aftercare: H3AL.

While creating the H3AL formula we focused on colour retention and skin restoration.

But we had other criteria for our engineers to meet for H3AL the best tattoo aftercare on the market:

100% Organic

100% Vegan

No Animal Testing

Australian Owned

Australian Made

Our team of chemical and pharmaceutical engineers worked tirelessly to create a product that contained only ingredients that met our criteria and had a texture that felt right to us.

After 6 months of extensive research, creation, testing, refinement and recreation, what they produced far exceeded our expectations.

The next part was definitely one of the more enjoyable legs of our journey… Getting more tattoos, in the name of science!

Of course, we had to be 100% satisfied using the formula on our OWN tatts before we were happy retailing it.

Next we offered H3AL to friends and local tattoo shops and the response was phenomenal! (You guys know who your are..)

After the overwhelmingly positive feedback on H3AL we did what any passionate tattoo enthusiasts would do, share it with the world!

R3VITALIZE is not just about creating the best thing for treating new ink.

It’s about contributing to the growing number of products that use a vegan formula to reduce the number of animals being subject to cosmetic testing.

And utilize organic ingredients to help create a sustainable future for us all.